Steel construction

Steel Manufacturing and Production of steel products
Our cross-sector orientation makes it possible to deliver ready to use, single-provider equipment and systems with the highest possible amount of practical orientation. The HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP does not only produce specialized steel products, but also general steel products. The production capacities also include the processing of chromium-nickel materials, as used in the fish and food industry. All works include the preparation of shop drawings.

Bridge Construction
Our portfolio includes the planning, production and the assembly of heavy steel, railway, road and pedestrian bridges as well as the preparation of the necessary, thorough documentation. This also includes the production of weld girders for composite bridge construction and its assembly on site. All our structures and constructs are delivered including corrosion protection. Our qualified expert personnel also perform maintenance, conversion and modernization tasks. This also includes the replacement or installation of additional parts, works on walkways, the exchange of connection components (replacement of rivets with bolts) as well as conservation. We have even previously realized the conversion of a bridge type into another.

Industrial Plant Engineering
The HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP successfully produces different parts in accordance with specific demand profiles for incineration plants, the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railway), power plants and research companies – like the AWI and Fraunhofer Institute. Our customers in the Industrial Plant Engineering Sector not only value our production quality and punctuality but also the fact that our sites are situated immediately adjacent to the Elbe and Weser Rivers.

Crane Construction
By fabricating high quality overhead and gantry cranes, trolley frames, crane runways and housings and cantilever arms for ships cranes, our company has developed a comprehensive production, supply and logistics range for crane construction. We offer our customers a complete service package in newbuilding and conversion of crane systems and can satisfy our customers with individual contract manufacture and customer-oriented service. Our customers are crane construction companies employed in the industrial and ship building sector as well as steel plants and shipyards.

We address the current challenges presented by the offshore wind industry. Our production capabilities include construction of steel foundation structures and transformer stations. Our portfolio further includes the customized delivery of transportation structures, lifting aids and beams, transports racks for wings, crane parts and tower equipment systems as well as the construction of special purpose vessels and industrial plants.

Hydraulic Steelwork, Port Engineering and Lock-Gate Construction
Planning and construction of lock gates, lifting gates and miter gates as well as the construction and the assembly of steel parts for flood protection have been done by us for many years. This also includes the maintenance, conversion and modernization works on those structures. Our port fortifications (sheet pile walls) are developed and built in close collaboration with Germany’s largest steel suppliers and construction companies.