Ship building

Design and construction come before building a ship. One of the most important prerequisites to fulfil our customers preferences is the precise planning of a project to guarantee a punctual delivery to our customers. Our production lines are focused on high quality river cruise and passenger vessels, ferries, Ro/Ro vessels, sailing ships, pontoons and tugboats, as well as government and police vessels.

Other than the newbuilding of complete ships, the companies of the HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP have specialized on the repair of ships and on ship conversions as well as building hulls for yachts and supplying and outfitting yachts and other vessels.

Ship Conversion
The newbuilding of a vessel generally requires a significant up front investment. Consequently, the service life of a vessel is normally very long. With time, it may become apparent that a ship needs to serve more or totally different functions. In these cases, it may be wiser and less expensive to partially or fully convert a vessel. This challenging task not only requires the right technical equipment, but also the necessary know-how.

We also offer ship repairwork with a high level of flexibility and using our more than 30 years of experience. At our sites that offer direct access to a pier, we offer a selection of repair services and production work “just in time”.

Engineering Services
We have profound, cross-sector know-how. Our experienced engineers, technicians, foremen and specialists have backgrounds in yacht and ship building, general mechanical engineering and the electrical and manufacturing industries. In these fields, we offer practical solutions in line with the market that guarantee the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This includes preparing all relevant drawings, producing the necessary parts in our own production facilities with direct pier access and installation on board the vessels as well as executing the launch, as well as preparing the handover of the relevant documentation to the customer.

Yacht Building
The production of high-quality yacht hulls, superstructures, special components and mirror polished stainless steel parts in the area of mega-yacht construction has been one of our core competencies for many years. All parts are manufactured in our weatherproof assembly halls which have top notch equipment and conform to the highest yacht-building standards. Through this, the company is able to guarantee consistently high quality. The production of yacht parts with their elegant design and their high standard of dimensional precision and visual appearance are additional challenges compared with regular ship building; such specialized work does not, however, present a problem to our experienced and well-trained employees.

Outfitting Ships and Yachts
Construction of ships and mega-yachts requires a high level of technical finesse, flawless quality and precise workmanship. Thanks to effective collaboration within the group, we have been able to build up an excellent reputation with customers, carriers and shipyards. The combination of personal commitment and our skills produces exclusive products which will fascinate you. Next to the production facilities for aluminum and steel construction, we have separate facilities for the processing of corrosion-resistant stainless steel at our disposal. These parts and components are also available primed and passivated, glass bead blasted, sanded and mirror polished.