TSU GmbH is a medium-sized, modernly oriented company with highly qualified employees and has been located in Bremerhaven for many years.

Among other things, they have specialized in the special development and production of work equipment for the safe and efficient lifting, moving and turning of loads. For cranes as well as for ground support vehicles, they offer special load or personnel lifting equipment and, in addition, special containers that are not available as standard in the catalog. Another of their specialties is special equipment construction. Their standard products include bollard slip and tow hooks, where they continue the long tradition of Seebeck® production.

In accordance with customer requirements, their products meet requirements ranging from accident prevention regulations (UVV) to those of the Nuclear Safety Standards Commission (KTA), which are required in power plant engineering, or the international safety recommendations of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF).

Its range of services includes consulting, static design, construction, manufacture, preservation and delivery, including documentation and, if necessary, instruction at the customer's site. Specifically for the planned application, the desired parameters are determined together with the user, alternatives are suggested and then the special solution is dimensioned by them. Special dimensions and weights of the goods to be transported or the space conditions at the place of use are seen by their designers as a challenge for which an efficient and cost-effective solution must be found. Preliminary, construction and acceptance tests are carried out for each product, as well as extensive material and functional tests such as overload tests or in accordance with the regulations of the KTA on request. The tests are documented, for example, in an inspection book and the corresponding declaration of conformity is issued in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

In addition to new production, they also offer repair, overhaul and maintenance work in accordance with the law on contracts for work and services and the law on temporary employment of workers, as well as UVV inspections.

TSU is part of the owner-managed HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP, which has 1,700 employees and 19 operating and production sites and has been successfully active in the shipbuilding, steel construction, service and trade sectors for many years.

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