Stahlbau Nord GmbH

Stahlbau Nord, founded as a Bremerhaven-based steel construction company in 1933, has in the meanwhile developed into a well-known and reliable player in ship and yacht construction in the North German shipyard landscape and beyond, especially in the last 30 years.

Core operations of Stahlbau Nord GmbH include the newbuilding of ship sections, ships hulls and superstructures for mega-yachts, cruise ships and special purpose vessels. Stahlbau Nord builds the complete steel structure from the keel to the funnel.

Only very few businesses in Germany are able to offer the necessary equipment, like large halls and construction facilities, as well as sites close to the water and qualified and experienced employees, together with a comprehensive machinery park of excellent quality and quantity. Stahlbau Nord builds new vessels and yachts up to multiple thousand tons in mass within a comparatively short timeframe; this is done reliably and to the great satisfaction of all customers.

In addition, alterations and upgrades of vessels and yachts as well as ship repairs have been among the focal areas of our work.

The latest additions to Stahlbau Nord’s already elaborate portfolio are industrial machinery construction and offshore wind energy.

Stahlbau Nord is part of the family-owned HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP, which has 1,700 employees and 19 operating and production sites and has been successful in the areas of shipbuilding, steel construction, service and trade for multiple decades.

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