Rupertus-Strako GmbH

Rupertus Strako GmbH is a corrosion protection expert in Bremerhaven with over 30 years of experience, expertise and skill in both mobile and stationary corrosion protection.

At first glance, corrosion may appear to be just a superficial problem – the reality, however, is that corrosion impacts the functionality of parts and structures made out of iron and steel and leads to yearly damages worth millions. Corrosion protection, applied correctly, can limit such damages resulting from corrosion to a minimum.

Rupertus Strako offers corrosion protection measures from design through approval as single-supplier solution. The thorough inspection and the expert knowledge of the Rupertus Strako specialists addressing pre-treatment, application and curing of coatings, as well as constant, accompanying monitoring of the coatings by our certified coating inspectors (FROSIO Level III, DIN Certco Level C) are decisive in ensuring the outstanding quality Rupertus Strako offers.

Whether for general steel construction or highly demanding hydraulic steel construction, coatings applied by Rupertus Strako reliably and permanently protect iron and steel against corrosion, chemical influence, UV-radiation, atmospheric influences and mechanical wear and make parts and structures visually attractive.

Rupertus Strako has joined the family-owned HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP, which has 1,700 employees and 19 operating and production sites and has been successful in the areas of shipbuilding, steel construction, service and trade for more than 20 years.

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