BVT Chartering und Logistics GmbH

BVT Chartering and Logistics GmbH is transport company specialized in moving heavy cargo. Founded in 2013, the company serves an ever-growing number of customers in maritime logistics and maritime services in the Weser-Elbe and Northern and Baltic Seas regions.

The high and heavy cargo fleet of BVT Chartering and Logistics currently consists of the two floating cranes “BVT Athlet” and “SK 1”, the heavy cargo barge “Offshore BHV 1 “, the multi-purpose vessel “BHV SUPPLIER”, the working tender “BUTT” as well as one portable crane. For shore transport, the company has access to a rail-based heavy cargo transport system and to self-propelled mobile transports (SPMTs).

As every high and heavy cargo transport is unique, every transport is preceded by careful and thorough planning. Our own highly skilled personnel make sure that we adhere to our strict quality standards from the planning phase all the way through to completion.

BVT Chartering und Logistics is a part of the owner-led HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP, which has 1,700 employees and 19 operational and production sites. HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP has been successful in the areas of shipbuilding, steel construction, service and trade for over 20 years. With its direct access to all maritime and technical trades, e.g. shipbuilding, welding shops, machining, deck and pipe metalworking, lathing workshops, ship’s electronics and electrical machinery engineering, along with docking capacities in Bremerhaven, BVT Chartering und Logistics is able to offer single-supplier solutions even for the largest of projects.

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