BREDO DRY DOCKS is one of Europe’s leading conversion, repair and maintenance yards. Its ideal location on the mouth of the Weser River into the North Sea allows for quick access from all European ports. Your advantage:

BREDO DRY DOCKS is always just around the corner. Our docks are at the core of our compact and continuously modernized shipyard – our short track for maximum efficiency benefits our customers. Together with our reliable network of regional specialists,BREDO DRY DOCKS’ highly qualified team forms a single unit that successfully accomplishes any task. For us, “24/7” is a matter of course.

  • More than 250 dockings per year
  • More than 250 task force jobs and technical supports
  • More than 500 satisfied customers per year
  • 24 hours around the clock, seven days a week – without surcharges
  • Unique excellence partner network

BREDO DRY DOCKS is a part of the owner-led HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP, which has 1,700 employees and 19 operational and production sites. HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP has been successful in the areas of shipbuilding, steel construction, service and trade for over 20 years. With its direct access to all maritime and technical trades, e.g. shipbuilding, welding shops, machining, deck and pipe metalworking, lathing workshops, ship’s electronics and electrical machinery engineering, along with docking capacities in Bremerhaven, BREDO DRY DOCKS is able to offer single-supplier solutions even for the largest of projects.

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